Economorphics: The Trends Turning Today into Tomorrow

Economorphics is a must-read for investors, employers, employees, and anyone who has ever wondered what the future might look like.

Over the next twenty years, the world as we know it is going to change in innumerable ways—all of which will have a profound effect on the economy. In order to be successful—in your business, your portfolio, your career, and your life—a knowledge and understanding of these changes is key.

In Economorphics, economist, author, broadcaster, and public speaker Linda Nazareth offers a guidebook to these changes and the ways that you can make them work for you. You’ll learn about:

The Big Demographic Shifts

Why the demographic window is slamming shut; how a wave of mobility is changing the global playing field; why cities are getting bigger, and why that means there is more at stake in terms of the economy.

The Economic Power Shifts

Why the economic deck is getting reshuffled, and which countries are  moving up, and which are moving down; why a new middle class is emerging, and why that is great and terrible at the same time; why North America’s income structure is starting to resemble a stuck teeter-totter, and what that means to the economic outlook.

The New Realities and Attitudes

Why resource prices are headed up—and then up some more; why work is not a place anymore, and what that will mean for the people who used to be employers and employees; why financial markets are going to be challenging for a long while to come, and how you can safeguard yourself and your investments; why what the boomers do next still matters, and what it is that they are likely to do; why the era of  “ladies first” is upon us; and, finally, why we are on the edge of a new age of innovation (and why we really need to be on the edge of one).

Linda Nazareth tackles these complex issues in clear, concise prose, presenting both an informative and prescriptive look at the coming decades: 

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