Linda is the author of Economorphics, The Twist, The Leisure Economy and The Ever After Effect


About the Author

Linda Nazareth is an economist, author, broadcaster, and speaker. The Senior Fellow for Economics and Population Change at the Macdonald-Laurier Institute and a frequent media commentator, she is an expert on demographics and trends, and uses a wide range of media to communicate her observations about a world in transition.

In her new book, Economorphics: The Trends Changing Today into Tomorrow, Linda weaves together the demographic and socioeconomic threads affecting the world to tell the story of the next two decades. From the issues around higher resource prices (if groceries cost more, is Disney doomed?) through to the outlook for the stock market, she gives readers the knowledge they need to craft their futures during turbulent times.

For over a decade until 2012, Linda was the senior economic analyst for Business News Network and Canada’s only full-time on-air economist. From the years of the boom through the aftermath of the crisis on Wall Street, she guided viewers through what was happening, and what they needed to know about what might happen next.  Prior to joining BNN, she was a senior economist with CIBC, and, earlier in her career, an economist with the federal government, where she specialized in demographic and labour market forecasting.

Linda Nazareth’s first book, The Ever After Effect: Waking Up From the “Boom” Years (Winding Stair Press, 2001), was called “the first important book on the 1990s stock market boom” and “one of best books of the year on the Canadian economy.” Her second, The Leisure Economy: How a Shift Away from the Work World Will Reshape Our Lives and Industries (Wiley, 2007), detailed the economic sea change that will result as baby boomers retire and the “time-crunch economy” turns into the “the leisure economy.”

Linda is a frequent speaker to government and business groups, helping to translate big picture trends into information they can use for their own planning purposes.


Over the next twenty years, the world as we know it is going to change in innumerable ways—all of which will have a profound effect on the economy. In order to be successful—in your business, your portfolio, your career, and your life—a knowledge and understanding of these changes is key. In Economorphics, economist, author, broadcaster, and public speaker Linda Nazareth offers a guidebook to these changes and the ways that you can make them work for you.

Economorphics is a must-read for investors, employers, employees, and anyone who has ever wondered what the future might look like.

The Big Demographic Shifts: Why the demographic window is slamming shut; how a wave of mobility is changing the global playing field; why cities are getting bigger, and why that means there is more at stake in terms of the economy.

 The Economic Power Shifts: How countries are hamstrung by public debt, and what that means for public policy; why the economic deck is getting reshuffled, and which countries are  moving up, and which are moving down; why a new middle class is emerging, and why that is great and terrible at the same time; why North America’s income structure is starting to resemble a stuck teeter-totter, and what that means to the economic outlook.

The New Realities and Attitudes: Why resource prices are headed up—and then up some more; why work is not a place anymore, and what that will mean for the people who used to be employers and employees; why financial markets are going to be challenging for a long while to come, and how you can safeguard yourself and your investments; why what the boomers do next still matters, and what it is that they are likely to do; why the era of  “ladies first” is upon us, and why that is a good thing; and, finally, why we are on the edge of a new age of innovation (why we really need to be on the edge of one).

The Leisure Economy

Forthe past three decades, we have been steadily creating an extreme ‘time-crunch economy’ that has affected jobs, portfolios, businesses and lives.

Everyone from consumers, investors, businesses, and policy-makers will need to understand the changes afoot.

But the ‘time-crunch economy’ is turning into ‘the leisure economy’ and it will mean wrenching adjustments for our lives and institutions. Everyone from consumers, investors, businesses, and policy-makers will need to understand the changes afoot.

TheLeisure Economy posits profound economic changes in North America due to both the retirement of the baby boomers and the attitudes of ascendant generations X and Y. Looking at trends in demographics, economics and generational change, this book looks at how to stay ahead of the leisure economy and predicts who will be the winners and losers in the seismic shift ahead.

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The Ever After Effect

InThe Ever After Effect, popular analyst Linda Nazareth gives us a clear-eyed analysis of the end of the boom, and provides investors with an inside perspective on what happened and why.

The perfect companion to personal investment guides…

The Ever After Effect will help investors understand the previous economic cycles that affected their portfolios, and prepared them for what to expect next. During the 1990s the U.S. economy went for a wild ride and took everybody else along with it.  Things were so good that it was sometimes described as the “Goldilocks” economy – not too hot and not too cold.

…Then the bears started to catch up with Goldie.

The Ever After Effect looks at the phenomenon of the era and its eventual meltdown, and the lessons that should – but might not – have been learned for a happily ever after scenario.

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